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The Vital Signs of Democracy Podcast

Commentary by David Riordan and Debilyn Molineaux 

on the level of threat to democracy in America based on the two

 Make America Great Again narratives on the right and the left.


Presented by: The Fulcrum

Welcome to VSD Podcast

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The latest episode of the Vital Signs of Democracy podcast is below.


Is Democracy Threatened in America?

It’s a question that we never thought we would be asking in our lifetimes, yet here we are. Yet, here we are… seemingly more polarized than any other time in our history since our civil war between the northern and southern states. Only this time… “our civil war” is between red and blue tribes competing in each news cycle to Make America Great Again based on two very different visions of the future.


Debilyn Molineaux, is the co-publisher of The Fulcrum and President and CEO of Bridge Alliance, a coalition of almost 600 organizations who are working to bring about a thriving, just and healthy democratic republic. You can learn more about our work at bridge


David Riordan is the director of Vital Signs of Democracy. Every two weeks VSD publishes a rating of the threat level to democracy in America based on our unique narrative analysis of the news. 


And every two weeks in this podcast we will look at those diverse narratives and if we don’t like the story that  seems to be emerging… explore how we can all contribute to changing it.

S1/EP 4 - Podcast 4  - Partial Truths and Corporate Fables

In this episode, Debilyn Molineaux reveals the partial truths contained in conspiracy theories shared with her by a stranger on a plane. In addition, David Riordan sets out to explore the REAL culture war that can be tracked by FOLLOWING THE MONEY.

March 27, 2023

VSD Podcast 4 David Riordan & Debilyn Molineaux
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