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Narratives in Progress

Preview of stories in play for the next Narrative Analysis scan

We run our Narrative Threat Analysis scans every two weeks. The ratings of those scans represent the narrative themes in play during the two week period that just concluded. However, during the two week period that is unfolding there are stories starting to emerge that have not yet completely come into focus in terms of their threat level to democracy in America. We preview these stories here because they are emerging narratives that could impact our NEXT Narrative Threat Analysis ratings. 

McCartthy Biden debt ceiling.jpg

Biden optimistic about a debt limit deal, but McCarthy says White House isn’t being serious

President Joe Biden sounds optimistic about the odds of reaching a deal with Republicans to raise or suspend the debt limit in time to avoid economic fallout from even a potential U.S. debt default.

“I really think there’s a desire on their part, as well as ours, to reach an agreement, and I think we’ll be able to do it,” Biden told reporters Sunday in Delaware. As to his state of mind, he said, “I remain optimistic because I’m a congenital optimist.”

But not everyone involved in the talks has such a sunny outlook. “I still think we’re far apart,” McCarthy told NBC News on Monday outside the Capitol, adding, “It doesn’t seem to me yet that they want a deal.” “It seems like they want to look like they’re in a meeting,” said McCarthy. “They’re not talking anything serious.” 

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