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September 16-30, 2022


September 16-30, 2022 


Welcome to the VSD Narrative Threat Assessment Portal.


According to the latest polls, "THREATS" to democracy are the voters number one concern heading into the mid-terms elections. In addition, majorities of both parties now believe democracy will fail in America... for different reasons. These are important narratives to understand when you ask the question... 


"Is Democracy Threatened in America?"


The stories we tell over the next two years will determine if democracy in America is re-energized or not. This portal provides in-depth narrative threat analysis of the news stories we think are currently impacting democracy in America. Based on this narrative analysis, VSD calculates the current threat level to democracy in America every two weeks and displays it on the VSD meter.


Our VSD threat analysis team is made up of moderate conservatives, independents and liberals. We identify with the majority of Americans who still believe our democratic norms are worth preserving. We recognize that either party can threaten democracy in this country, but currently we feel it is the MAGA Republicans that are operating far outside the guardrails of normal American political discourse. We see this as a growing threat to democracy in America.


The Vital Signs of Democracy meter is intended to give you a quick snapshot of the current threat level to democracy in America based on our proven, proprietary Narrative Threat Analysis process. It provides a threat rating every two weeks based on our "reading" of the myriad of news articles, social media posts and podcast transcripts that are reporting on the current challenges to our democracy.


Our Narrative Threat Analysis looks at a diverse, representative sample of these news sources every two weeks. It then sorts the viewpoints they contain into 10 key narrative threat factors and rates them for their individual threat level to democracy in America. We then aggregate the individual threat ratings into a master threat rating that is displayed on the Vital Signs meter.  

A Sample of Key Individual News Narratives RELEVANT 
to our Narrative Threat Level Analysis of Democracy in America 
September 16-30, 2022